Our Ministries

Your involvement at matters because your service really makes a difference. The opportunities listed below describe many of the service opportunities where we need your help. Please look around and then contact the leader for the ministry you would like to volunteer with.

The Ministry takes many forms and expressions. But in all expressions, we communicate with God – from earth toward heaven – from Christ’s finished work, toward man’s need. Whether you need prayer or would like to join us in one of our prayer groups, we would like to invite you to find your place with us, in prayer.

Join one of our Prayer Groups

We are always in need of prayer warriors, if you wish to join any of our groups or pehaps start your own, please get in touch with Pastor Anthony.

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If you are a member of , gifted musically and more importantly, if you have a desire to use your gifts for God's glory, then we would love to have you join our worship team.

Isabel Nicole

Worship Leader

Isabel grew up in northern Chicago, not too far from downtown. She graduated from Judson University in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Worship Arts.

At a very young age, Isabel felt drawn to worship ministry and was heavily involved in her church's worship team, not knowing that it would be the calling God had on her life. At the age of 17, she knew that she was called to be a worship leader and has actively pursued that calling since then.

Worship leading is my passion;
I cannot see myself doing anything else with my life.

She is excited to pursue this passion and calling with .

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is our program for our children where we introduce Jesus’s love for everyone with Bible readings, practical teachings and fun activities.

We are impacting and making disciples of the next generation, based on faith, trust and love.

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is our ministry for women of all ages. Through our group meetings like W.A.R.S. (Women Away Relieving Stress) we introduce strong women in the Bible.

We share with each other how to love and relieve stress with Jesus on our side. There are many different activities to participate in: crafts, massages, health events, sharing recipes and positive speakers.

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is now officially open, we launched our Church on October 1st, 2017.

We invite you to join us, at The Maywood Park District every Sunday for services starting at 10:30am.

Future Ministries

Our heart goes out to those who have nowhere to lay their heads. We want to give people a warm place to turn to get off the street. There are many programs that give a person a temporary night’s stay during the winter and even during the summer months.

Our program will be more relational and is intended to give them necessary opportunities to change their situation. Through Jesus, prayer, and support, we will help them to build new lives. There is no launch date established for this home yet.

This center will have classes to help the community rebuild. The classes will be based on the current needs assessments of the public.

This center will network with other people, churches, and businesses to bring resources and knowledge to Maywood, Illinois. We want the Gospel to go hand in hand with relief the community needs. There is no launch date established for the center yet.